Boiled Peanuts

“These are good and soft but have a little bite to them. Adjust the cooking time to make them the perfect softness for you. Then grab a coke or some sweet tea and enjoy!”
– Bobbie Jo

8 lbs. SWP Peanuts
1 1/2 cups Kosher Salt or Sea
1. Put rinsed peanuts into a large stock pot and fill with water.

2. Bring peanuts to a rolling boil and let continue boiling for one hour. Then
cover and simmer on low heat for one more hour. Enjoy warm and store
leftovers in refrigerator. (I left mine in the same pot so I could reheat in the
salted water.)

**Cooking the peanuts for two hours get them very soft with just a little bite
left on them. If you prefer a mushier nut, simply cook them longer.