Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes

“My momma always said to get the best mashed potatoes you have to “beat the fire out of them!” Adding lots of butter and sour cream doesn’t hurt though.” – Bobbie Jo



1/2 bag Southwestern Produce White Potatoes
1 – 1 1/2 sticks of butter (melted)
8oz. Sour Cream
Salt & Pepper
1. Cook potatoes in pot of salted water.

2. Bring to a boil and continue cooking until potatoes can be mashed through with a fork.

3. When the potatoes are tender, drain them in a colander. Place them in a bowl and whisk with electric mixer.

4. As soon as the potatoes are mashed, slowly whisk in enough butter, milk, and sour cream to make the potatoes very creamy. Whisk in salt and pepper to taste.