Great News! We’re coming back to Chipley!

Thanks for checking in with us. We appreciate you and hope to see you at our next delivery on October 16th. Check back on Oct. 2nd to place an order. We will have a delivery each month thru December.

OR give us a call @ 877.638.2330 (toll free)


The Packing House

Located at the corner of Lovewood Road and Hwy 273

3683 Hwy 273, Graceville, FL 32440 (4 Points Crossroads)

Pickup times in Chipley:  8am – 2pm

All orders must be pre-paid at the time you reserve your produce.

(We do not accept mail at this address. Use for map/GPS navigation ONLY.)

2021 Sale Dates

Online Orders BeginPhone Orders BeginPick-up Dates
August 7th
Sept 4th
Oct 2nd
Nov 6th
Dec 4th
August 9th
Sept 7th
Oct 4th
Nov 8th
Dec 6th
August 21st
Sept 18th
Oct 16th
Nov 20th
Dec 18th