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Southwestern's Kitchen

Cheesy Mixed Vegetables

“I remember my Mom using this trick on me when I was a kid…add cheese and boom! Kids eat their vegetables!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 4 c SWP Mixed Vegetables1/2 pound VelveetaSalt and Pepper to taste 1. Fill small-medium sized pot with mixed vegetables and water and bring toa boil over medium-high heat. 2. Drain … Read More

Scrambled Spinach

“Super easy way to squeeze in those veggies! SWP Spinach works great in omelets and breakfast casseroles as well.” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 3 extra large eggs1/4 cup SWP SpinachSalt and Pepper to taste 1. Simply prepare scrambled eggs the way you always do, but add in the spinach to the mixture. I like to … Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Globs

“These things are addictive! And it’s easy to swap out more or less of one of the nuts or chips based on your personal tastes. My daughter wanted some with no nuts, but my husband and I wanted ALL the nuts!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 6 T unsalted butter12 oz. semisweet chocolatechips, divided2 oz. unsweetened … Read More