Strawberry Banana Milkshake

“Milkshakes are fun for all ages and are super easy to whip up! This recipe makes enough for one large shake and is my husband’s favorite go-to treat.” -Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions Strawberry Ice Cream1 c SWP Strawberries1 BananaMilk Chop strawberries and banana in blender and add ice cream.Add however much milk you like to make … Read More

Sunrise Smoothie

“Smoothies are super refreshing in the summer heat. They also make for a quick and delicious breakfast any time of the year!” -Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 1 c SWP Strawberries1 c SWP Mango Chunks1 c SWP Pineapple1 c Orange Juice1 Banana (optional) Combine frozen strawberries, frozen mango chunks, frozen pineapple,peeled banana (if using), and orange juice … Read More

Spinach in Puff Pastry

“This pastry reminds me of something you would order at a cute little tea room. It makes for a filling and delightful little lunch.” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 4 T (1/2 stick) unsaltedbutter2 c chopped onions1 T minced garlic2 c SWP Spinach, defrosted1/3 c chopped scallions1 c grated Gruyere cheese3/4 c grated Parmesancheese4 extra-large eggs, … Read More

Honey Vanilla Yogurt Sauce

“This yogurt sauce is a quick and simple way to top off your fruit. It also works great with granola for an easy, tasty breakfast.” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 2 c Plain Yogurt½ t Vanilla2 T HoneySeeds of Vanilla Bean(optional)SWP Fruit Medley 1. In a bowl combine the yogurt, vanilla, honey, and vanilla bean seeds(if … Read More

Cheesy Mixed Vegetables

“I remember my Mom using this trick on me when I was a kid…add cheese and boom! Kids eat their vegetables!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 4 c SWP Mixed Vegetables1/2 pound VelveetaSalt and Pepper to taste 1. Fill small-medium sized pot with mixed vegetables and water and bring toa boil over medium-high heat. 2. Drain … Read More

Scrambled Spinach

“Super easy way to squeeze in those veggies! SWP Spinach works great in omelets and breakfast casseroles as well.” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 3 extra large eggs1/4 cup SWP SpinachSalt and Pepper to taste 1. Simply prepare scrambled eggs the way you always do, but add in the spinach to the mixture. I like to … Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Globs

“These things are addictive! And it’s easy to swap out more or less of one of the nuts or chips based on your personal tastes. My daughter wanted some with no nuts, but my husband and I wanted ALL the nuts!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 6 T unsalted butter12 oz. semisweet chocolatechips, divided2 oz. unsweetened … Read More

Chicken Pot Pie

“Whether you try this recipe or have one of your own that you always use, SWP Mixed Vegetables are so easy and yummy in this classic dish!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 1+ pounds of chicken breast32 oz. Chicken broth2 T butter1/2 c onion, chopped2 stalks celery, chopped1 cream of chicken soup(Campbell’s)2 c SWP mixed vegetables1 … Read More

Pasta, Pesto and Peas

“I feel like everyone needs a break during the holidays from all the “traditional” meals and foods. Mix it up and go Italian!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 1 1/2 pounds fusilli pasta1/4 c good olive oil1 1/2 cups pesto, homemadeor store bought10 oz SWP Spinach,defrosted and squeezed dry3 T lemon juice1 1/4 c good mayonnaise1/2 … Read More

Southern Fried Okra

“You can’t get much more Southern than Fried Okra! It’s a staple in Southern kitchens for a reason!” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions SWP Breaded OkraVegetable Oil 1. Pour vegetable oil into frying pan until about one inch deep. Heat on highuntil oil reaches about 325 degrees. 2. Carefully place okra in oil making sure not … Read More

Pecan Sticky Buns

Lightly adapted from the Barefoot Contessa “If you’re going to break that New Year’s resolution, you might as well do it right! Butter, pecans, brown sugar, puff pastry…how can that not be good?” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 1 ½ sticks unsalted butter, atroom temperature1/3 cup light brown sugar1/2 cup SWP Pecan Pieces1 package (17.3 oz/2sheets)frozen … Read More

Baked Sweet Potato Chunks

Recipe from Patricia Varnum “This is a Fall favorite in my house! It’s the perfect size for a family but can easily be doubled or tripled for large gatherings.” – Bobbie Jo Ingredients Directions 4 c SWP Sweet PotatoChunks1 stick of butter3/4 c brown sugar1 t cinnamon1 t vanilla extract 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. … Read More