How To: Can Our Veggies

GP's canned
Green Peas
BB's canned
Baby Butter Beans

Green Beans
Green Beans

**Using a Pressure Canner**

Boil peas or beans for 2 minutes.

Load the beans or peas into hot jars to almost 1″ head space.

Add 1 tsp of canning salt and boiling water to the jar; leaving 1″ head space.

Remove any air pockets with your bubble remover; add more boiling water if needed.

Wipe rims, place a lid and ring finger tight.

Load your jars into the canner. (1000 ft or below) Pressure can at 11 lbs. for 40 minutes for pints and 50 minutes for quarts.

An 8 pound bag yields 14 pints.